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In the meantime, we have our NRHA dates! All shows are on Saturday.

March 21 (rain date April 4) - Iris Petschenig, Judge - RESULTS
May 9 - Brenda Brown, Judge
June 13 - Abby Cosenza, Judge
July 18 - Michael Damianos, Judge
September 5 - Ashley Wilson-Hammer, Judge

NRHA classes, entry form & rules for WG Buckle classes
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Hope to see you here!

Types of Memberships
General o Membership for owners, nominators or others who wish to have a membership but do not show o Cost: $100
Professional o Professional status will be granted to those who do not meet the criteria for Non Pro or Youth, but
would like to show. o A Professionals form must be filled out in addition to a general membership form. o Cost: $150 o A Professionals Application must be filled out every year o If you have a Lifetime or a 3 Year Membership you only fill out the application and pay $50.
Non Pro o Non Pro status is granted to those who meet the Non Pro criteria and want to show in the Non Pro or
Rookie Classes. o A Non Pro Declaration must be completed and submitted in addition to your membership. Non Pro
status can be added to any Membership Type. o Cost: $25
o You do not have to fill out the Non Pro Declaration every year. As long as you had Non Pro status the previous year, it will carry over to the next year. Only if your membership lapses for more than a year do you have to fill out the form and pay the filing fee again.
o Basically, Non Pros cannot receive remuneration (money, product, gifts, etc.) to train, give lessons or show horses. For full details please read the Non Pro Conditions in the NRHA Handbook or call the office to discuss your specific qualifications.
Youth o Membership for those 18 and under. If you turn 19 after January 1st, then you are eligible for a Youth
membership and to show in the Youth classes the entire year. o Date of birth is required; we cannot issue a Youth membership without this information. o Cost: $40
Associate o Membership for those just starting in NRHA who will be showing ONLY in the Category 10 (NRHA Green,
Ride & Slide classes) or for those who want to be a member but do not plan on showing. o NOT for members who will be showing or who will have horses showing in Category 1 – 9 classes. o NOT for members who want to participate in the NRHA Nomination Program. o NOT for members who want to have voting privileges. o Cost: $25

For info on boarding, shows, scheduling a show of your own at Willow Glen, email CeCe at sliiiden@cox.net

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